DirtyFunkStyle vol.1



My first exhibition was from October to November 2019.
6 painting from my first series with same name: „DirtyFunkStyle vol.1“
Organized in the best vegetarian restaurant in the city center.

Just a test!

Summer of 2019 was very hot and the best cooldown treatment seemed to have a beer in a cool pub with a friend. We talked about many different things, but suddenly we started talking about my paintings (this guy is the owner of my first painting).
At the one point he said „you must organize an exhibition“.
But I told him „Hey man, who would want to look at my shit? I am not an artist. I paint for my pleasure only.“
His answer made sense (after a couple of more beers) „Just try it! I will help you. We can try it once and see. It should be fun.“

We started to look for a suitable exhibition place. A month later he called me that he found a vegetarian restaurant so we arranged a meeting with the owner after that we started preparing promotional materials for the exhibition.

Comes October 2019 and everything was ready. The exhibition lasted a whole month and every day my paintings were seen by several dozen people. It was a great feeling and a huge motivation!

If you like vegetarian food you must try my favourite restaurant KABINET MUZ!

Paintings from this exhibition