Welcome in my gallery!

You will find all my works of art here with a short description for each series.

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DirtyFunkStyle „THE OTHERS“


DirtyFunkStyle „FREEDOM“


DirtyFunkStyle „MILLENNIUM“


DirtyFunkStyle „LOGDOWN“

„LogDown“ series contains 4 painting.
This series was painted during the 2020-2021.

The whole world was shutdowned by pandemic.
Each one its inspired
by my memories from childhood.

DirtyFunkStyle „SEASON“

„Season“ series contains 4 painting.
Each one has its own color tone inspired by seasons of year


A pair of canvases named „New Generation“
captures a new idea of nature perception!
Fresh air from wildlife from these paintings will fill your space.
Calm harmony of colors blend and a nature .


„Wrapper Squeper“ series contains 6 painting.
Each one has its own color tone.
A combination of stormy background with splashing colors

and precise square meshes in the foreground

DirtyFunkStyle vol .1

DirtyFunkStyle vol.1 was the first complete
series of 6 painting for my first exhibiton.
Dangerous city life combined with fast paced tempo of our everyday lifes

DirtyFunkStyle „INDUSTRIAL“

First 3 paintings of the „Industrial“ series.
All the dirt and stench of workshops and factories.

„GALAXY“ is very different than any other DirtyFunkStyle series.
Colored explosions of various galaxy segments

DirtyFunkStyle „GALAXY“