MAEZO UNIVERSE 2022 „everything is possible“

Long term exhibition

From: 15.11.2021


DirtyFunkStyle vol.2

Exhibition and Vernissage

27.1. – 27.2.2020

My second Exhibition in February 2020 included a little presentation about me and my work.
„DirtyFunkStyle vol.1“ again and a the introduction of the new „Wrapper Squeper“ series.
Held in an awesome cafe named „Kavárna Trojka“ in the center of Brno.

DirtyFunkStyle vol.1


7.10. – 15.11.2019

My first exhibition ever was in November 2019!
6 painting from my first series „DirtyFunkStyle vol.1“
Held in the best vegetarian restaurant KABINET MUZ in Brno city center.